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Have our Governments become backseat drivers in our lives? Telling us what to do? To Think?  To Act? 

They have changed the measure of our world. 

We call it the Nanny State, but aren't they just an annoying and dangerous voice in our ears who, quite frankly, we can do without? 

Let's face it, all they do is sow seeds of doubt and fear in our minds. It is as if that is their purpose: to make us too nervous or frightened to act or react. 

Fear is a great weapon. 

A commenter on our blog, Old Bushie said this: 

" They are selling lies ...They are selling illusions. They are selling dancing nurses to mask murder. Selling lies and people are buying the lies." 

At the end of the day , it is the measure of our souls we should be concerned about. Because the measure of our souls has overstepped the order of our souls and a foot is now a jack boot. So here we go into Shaydee's deep dive into what is happening around the world. The so called leaders have crossed the line.  They have overstepped the order of the soul and . like it or not, our leaders have overstepped the mark 


 Oh, I could write about the horror of the holocaust or the take over of Britain by Islam. 

The horror that we are witnessing everywhere. The Future, as Leonard Cohen said years ago, is murder. 

And haven't we seen some strange perceptions and illusions in the last few months and years?  


We now have young women embracing Hamas and telling us that they are in favour of a regime that would see them raped and murdered but that is OK.  Because it is for the ability to destroy Israel and conquer the free world. 

We see young people screaming and crying about Hamas and ready to die to save the very people who raped, murdered and butchered people. Things are so out of whack. 


So very screwed up that I have to wonder if we will ever find sanity again. 

The future is murder. Abortion, assisted suicide for being homeless..., yes, the future, it is murder. 

 I am going to tell you a story, which has nothing to do with Islam or war. It is about a car and 7 inches. 

Oh, yes, I know what you are all thinking. But before you all get excited about a bit of a rousty article let me assure you it is not the case. Patriotrealm would never do such a thing. 

No, it is about a car. And about how 7 inches can make a difference.  And it all started with Redhead. As always seems to be the case. She is a little bugger like that. 

At coming up 92 years old, she is still a feisty little beast. And it all started with our cars. 

Redhead no longer drives. She has this fantastic vehicle in her garage and it is as fresh as the day it was driven out of the showroom 15 years ago. It still smells lovely. It drives like a kitten on the road, purring gently and then able to leap at will. 


It is a wonderful car. 

On the other hand, as you know, my car is a wee two door Getz. 

More like the little engine that thought it could. Just sometimes a bit too sleepy to worry about such things as gaps in the traffic or going faster than absolutely necessary. 

 I take Redhead out to shop in my little Getz and she wonders why I will not drive her lovely car that has less than 50,000 km on the clock and we have to bump along in my little clunker that is hard for her to get in and out of.  It is simple really.  I am scared of driving her big car. 

Oh, forget that it is automatic and mine is manual. Forget that hers is as pristine as the day it rolled out of the factory back in 2009. It is BIG. 

Today, I learned that it was all about perception. 

And hence the reason for the article.

I looked it up on line.

Her car is only 7 inches wider than mine. So, here we are talking about perception. How we think that something is bigger than it really is. 

Like Climate Change. Or Global Boiling. Or things like Islamophobia. Or Race Relations. 

You see, we make things seem bigger than they really are. 

It all depends upon who is in the drivers seat. 

From my perspective, I drove Redhead's car. I felt concerned at how large it was. How frightening it was. Yet it was only 7 inches wider. 3 and a half inches bigger on either side. 

I had been conned by my mind. Convinced it was so big, so wide and so much more difficult to drive.  

Since the Covid Con, back in 2020, we have been told to doubt our own perceptions. We should not trust what we see, feel and believe. 

We are told that our minds are lying to us. That Covid vaccines were good and ivermectin is bad. That we should not trust our own perceptions anymore. 

I never got a shot of poison but I had relatives who did take two in order to keep their jobs. One is now, in her mid 20's, suffering from myocarditis and just coming out from hospital after covid induced pneumonia. 

All over the world, people are frightened. Lacking in confidence. We have been conned by our governments. They wanted us to perceive the so called problems as bigger than they really are. Or, in fact, whether they really exist at all. 

Whether it is so called climate change, Global Boiling, Islamophobia, Covid or who the hell knows the next pandemic of fear is, it is only 7 inches. 

7 inches. 

The tragedy is that most leaders today are closing the roads, the highways in our minds. They are peddling lies, distorting our perceptions and making things look worse than they really are. 

Never has this image meant more than now. This is both an illusion and reality. 


We are being sold an illusion. A false reality. But, if we do not look in the rear vision mirror of history, then the object in the mirror will be tailgating us within months. If not already..... 

That wide open road of the future will be littered with detours, closed signs and police stops. 

Those that think the road is still open have not been looking in their rear vision mirror. 

Because I might have been worried about 7 inches. But what we all need to worry about is the 12 inches. 

The Foot.  

And I tell you this: 

The difference between 7 inches and a foot is 5 inches. And those 5 inches are very very big indeed. 

‘If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.’ 

This is one of the most famous quotations from George Orwell’s 1949 novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four. The words are spoken by O’Brien, the grand inquisitor of the totalitarian regime in Orwell’s novel.



Think about that backseat driver next time you vote. Think about the song from so many years ago. 

Because, unless we vote and vote for One Nation or similar, the Future, Baby, well, it is murder. 

And guess what? The backseat driver was in control, even though we thought we had charge of the steering wheel. Hell no. The Backstreet driver has been in charge for years. 

And he just put his boot on the accelerator. 


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