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William Golding's "Lord of the Flies," first published in 1954, remains one of the most significant works of literature of the 20th century. The novel, which portrays a group of British boys ( a school choir ) stranded on a deserted island, serves as a profound commentary on the inherent darkness of human nature and the fragility of civilisation.

The story begins with a plane crash that leaves a group of boys aged six to twelve marooned on an uninhabited island. Without adult supervision, they attempt to govern themselves, initially with some semblance of order. Ralph, one of the older boys, is elected leader and prioritises rescue by maintaining a signal fire. Piggy, another central character, represents intellect and reason, supporting Ralph's efforts with his practical advice.

However, Jack, who leads the choirboys, gradually undermines Ralph's authority. Obsessed with hunting and the primal thrill it brings, Jack forms his own tribe, embracing savagery and violence. The boys' society fragments into chaos, culminating in murder and the total collapse of their fragile order. The novel ends with the boys being rescued by a naval officer, who is shocked by the transformation of civilised children into savages.

At its core, "Lord of the Flies" is a study of the thin veneer of civilisation. The boys' descent into barbarism illustrates Golding's belief that societal rules and norms are all that prevent humans from reverting to their primal instincts. The contrast between Ralph's structured leadership and Jack's anarchic rule underscores the tension between order and chaos.



“It doesn’t matter who the leader is, we just have to work together”. 

That did not last long.

The island serves as a microcosm for the world, where the boys' experiences strip away their innocence. Initially carefree and playful, their interactions become increasingly violent. The murders of Simon and Piggy mark the ultimate loss of innocence and humanity among the boys.

Golding's work suggests that evil is an intrinsic part of human nature. This theme is embodied in the "beast," a figment of the boys' imagination that symbolises the darkness within each of them. Simon's realisation that the beast is not an external force but resides within them is a pivotal moment in the novel. And haven't our governments encouraged the beast in children's lives?  

The conch shell, used to call meetings and establish order, symbolises democracy and civilised discourse. As the boys descend into savagery, the conch's power wanes, culminating in its destruction alongside Piggy's death, signifying the end of any remaining semblance of order. 

How unusual. How strangely familiar. 

In my opinion, Piggy's glasses represent knowledge and the ability to perceive the world clearly. They are crucial for starting the signal fire, linking scientific progress with hope for rescue. The glasses' gradual destruction mirrors the disintegration of rationality and civilised behavior on the island.

The severed pig's head, referred to as the "Lord of the Flies," becomes a powerful symbol of evil and corruption. It represents the boys' descent into savagery and the manifestation of their inner darkness. Simon's encounter with it reveals the novel's central message about the inherent evil within humans.

So what have we learned since its publication? 

I tell you now: Absolutely nothing. 

 We see children out of control in Australian streets and around the world. 

We see young people protesting about things that they do not even understand. They have become robotic in their chanting. 

They hate. With great abandon and great passion. 

They have been taught to despise their parents, their culture, and their very existence. Yes, they have been taught to hate.  

They have been let loose on an unsuspecting world that has no idea what it is in for. 

As more older people are mowed down and abused, we will see this hatred spread.  Contempt for the elderly and loathing of everything WE held in high regard. 

In short, we are about to witness the Lord of the Flies playing out in live, full colour, 3 D and the media will be basking in glory as ratings go through the roof. 

As we older people get shunted off with the vaccines, neglect and or simple murder, the young can claim they are too young to be prosecuted. They can light fires. They can break into our homes. They can do whatever they want. 

But in the background, the Lord of the Flies is gathering strength. His rot is spreading. And our youth cannot smell the decay. In fact, they thrive on it.




When we expose our youth to a free-for-all all, devoid of punishment for transgression, we are creating a society where anarchy is seemingly encouraged. But only for the selected ones. 

You see, we are living under a governance of anarcho-tyranny.

“A concept where the state is more interested in controlling citizens so that they don’t oppose managerial class, rather than tending to real criminals. Laws are argued to be enforced selectively depending on what is beneficial to the ruling elite.”

It essentially describes a situation in which the government has the necessary tools and capabilities to wield oppressive power over its subjects, and does so to further its own interests.

Have our governments become enablers of anarcho-tyranny?

Under anarcho-tyranny, inconsistency in the application of the law is the feature, not the bug. And, as Francis further explains, it’s a tool to propagate a never-ending state of “permanent emergency”:

“Under anarcho-tyranny, the state creates a problem, declares an emergency or crisis – the drug war, the carjacking crisis, Islamic fundamentalism – and then exploits that problem as an instrument by which it continues to enhance its power, though neither the fake problem it exploits nor the real problem that exists is affected.”

Fixing COVID isn’t the goal; using it as the pretext to enforce arbitrary social control measures against opponents of the state is. In fact, the SARS-Cov-2 virus itself is a gift to be treasured rather than a problem to be remedied. The powers that be would release a new virus every day of the week if they thought they could get away with it and believed it would further their interests.

Ditto with the War of Terror, which birthed the modern national security state that currently has “domestic terrorists” in its sights, climate change, and virtually every permanent emergency that the social engineers either invent out of whole cloth or exploit. source 

When the boys landed on the island, they were pure of heart. They were in harmony. Singing in a choir as one voice. How quickly they descended into chaos and mayhem when they ceased to sing from the same song sheet.

We need rules. We need social cohesion. We need justice for all.  We need to be united. To sing as a choir. To be of One Voice. One Nation . 

Multi-culturalism is a broken concept. 

Unfortunately, our anarcho-tyrannrical governments disagree. The Lord of the Flies? Or the Lord of the Lies. 

We unfortunately are descending into a world of both. 

Our youth are being sacrificed and the conductor in too many countries is a bastard. Because the choirmaster wrote the music and it is a Sorously wicked piece of WEFonry. 

Imagine using children as bullets? 

Now, who really is the conductor? WHO


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