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Anarchy often gets a bad rap. Images of burning buildings, rampant lawlessness, and a general sense of "uh-oh" tend to dominate the narrative.

But let’s put down our pitchforks and Molotov cocktails for a moment and consider the potential upsides of anarchy. 

After all, every cloud has its silver lining, and every chaotic free-for-all has its perks. Just imagine? No more bureaucratic red tape. 

Ah, bureaucracy,  the bane of modern existence. Forms in triplicate, waiting lines longer than a Tolkien novel, and rules so convoluted that they make calculus look like finger painting. But in anarchy, guess what? No more red tape! Want to build a treehouse without a permit? Go right ahead. Feel like setting up a lemonade stand without a business license? Be my guest. The world is your oyster – shuck it however you please.

Just imagine a world ruled by Anarchy........ and compare it with a world ruled by modern government.

Without the rigid structures of society holding you back, your inner artist can truly flourish. Imagine the cities as canvases, where graffiti isn’t vandalism but vibrant self-expression.  Hmm, funny that. We already see it everywhere, don't we?


Sure, your neighbour might take creative liberties with your garden gnome collection, but isn’t that the price we pay for living in a spontaneously artistic utopia? Oh wait, we see that today. Hmm.....

OK, think of the innovative solutions people will come up with when there's no one to call for help. Need an ambulance? Time to invent your own healthcare system. Ah, bugger, that's already happening. 


Gyms are overrated and expensive. In an anarchic society, every day is leg day, and cardio comes naturally. Running from marauding bands of former accountants turned warlords keeps you spry. Scaling fences to escape wild dogs builds upper body strength. And let’s not forget the calorie-burning power of foraging for food. You'll get those six-pack abs, guaranteed, or your freedom back.

Dress codes and social norms? Toss them out the window. In anarchy, every day is an opportunity for a fashion revolution. Mix and match that tutu with combat boots. Wear your pyjamas to the store or pop down to the local library to read a story. (ditto above.). 


Modern life has distanced us from nature. Anarchy brings us back.  You’ll rediscover the joys of living in harmony with the Earth – instead of destroying the planet to save the planet.  Gardening isn’t a hobby; it’s a necessity. Here we go again...... food shortages are already here. Whoops. 

Contrary to popular belief, anarchy doesn’t mean everyone is out for themselves. Humans are social creatures, and we naturally band together in tough times. Like New Zealand prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said back in Covid. 



Anarchy might see the rise of small, tight-knit communities where everyone knows each other’s name, mostly because they’re all on the same raiding schedule. Barter systems will flourish, and you’ll actually talk to your neighbors – about mutual defense strategies, of course, but still, it's a start. Again, let's scratch that. We already are having those conversations. 


In fact, while anarchy might seem like a one-way ticket to chaos and confusion, it’s also an opportunity to embrace creativity, fitness, community, and absolute freedom. So next time someone grumbles about the current state of affairs, remind them of the silver lining: the upside of anarchy. And if they don’t agree, well, just tell them to take it up with the local warlord.


But joking aside,. there should be a better balance between total anarchy and over-governance, there really must be. In the quest for order and prosperity, governments worldwide enact a multitude of regulations, policies, and laws. While governance is essential for societal functioning, over-governance can stifle innovation, infringe on personal freedoms, and create inefficiencies. Striking the right balance between necessary regulation and excessive control is crucial for fostering a thriving society or creating a stifling and counterproductive world where liberty is an illusion and a thing that no longer exists. 

In fact, we have a situation where so called public " servants " are getting so top heavy that the public they supposedly serve is becoming less and less. The see saw is out of balance. 

Excessive regulations can impede entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. Start-ups and small businesses often bear the brunt of over-regulation, facing numerous bureaucratic hurdles just to get off the ground. Complex licensing requirements, extensive compliance checks, and burdensome paperwork can deter potential entrepreneurs from pursuing their ideas. This not only hinders economic growth but also stifles creativity and innovation, as individuals are discouraged from taking risks and exploring new ventures.

Over-governance encroaches on personal freedoms and civil liberties. When governments impose excessive controls on individuals' lives, it can lead to a sense of oppression and loss of autonomy. For example, stringent surveillance measures, excessive policing, and restrictive laws can infringe on privacy and freedom of expression. The balance between ensuring security and preserving individual rights is delicate, and tipping too far towards control can undermine the very principles of democracy and freedom.

A highly regulated environment often results in bureaucratic inefficiencies. Layers of administration and red tape can slow down decision-making processes and reduce the efficiency of public services. We face long wait times for approvals, permits, and other necessary documentation. This inefficiency not only wastes time and resources but also erodes public trust in government institutions. Streamlining processes and reducing unnecessary bureaucracy can enhance efficiency and improve public service delivery.

Hell, compliance with an excessive number of regulations leads to higher costs which are passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices. This deters foreign investment, as businesses seek more favourable regulatory environments. By creating a more business-friendly atmosphere with reasonable regulations, governments can stimulate economic growth and attract investment.

When there are numerous regulations and complex compliance requirements, the potential for bribery and corruption increases. Officials with discretionary power over approvals and permits may exploit their positions for personal gain. And don't we see that a lot these days? 


Surely there is a place we can meet in the middle? 

  • Simplifying Regulations: Streamline regulations to reduce complexity and make compliance easier for businesses and individuals.
  • Enhancing Transparency: Increase transparency in government processes to reduce opportunities for corruption and build public trust.
  • Promoting Flexibility: Allow for adaptability in regulations to respond to changing societal needs and technological advancements.
  • Encouraging Public Participation: Involve citizens in the decision-making process to ensure that regulations reflect the needs and values of the community.

It can be said that governance is essential for the functioning of society, but over-governance can have detrimental effects on innovation, personal freedoms, economic efficiency, and social progress. By finding the right balance, governments can create an environment that fosters growth, preserves individual rights, and promotes a healthy, thriving society.

Anarchy or what we have now? I guess from my point of view we have a horrible hybrid where anarchy not only exists, but is encouraged by government. But only for some. The minority and government itself can live in anarchy but we, the people, live under the boot of oppression and a modern form of communism. 

What was that thing George Orwell said all those years ago?  Oh, that's right. 

All pigs are equal, but some pigs are more equal than others. 


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