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As the days pass, I increasingly think the world has gone mad. 

Mad. Insane. Where Reason has popped off the perch and idiocy has entered the room and is now holding court.

Just look at what has happened in New York today..... Trump was convicted, on the "evidence" from a lawyer, who was convicted of fraud, being finance violations and tax and bank fraud, hardly, what anyone could describe, as a plausible and reliable, witness.

" Trump's biggest mistake in office was to go soft on his enemies.

He thought he could negotiate his way out of the swamp.

Not so. You can't negotiate your way out of a Swamp. You have to drain it, give it a deep clean and start again. "

Hell, we all know that Trump wouldn't sleep with a sleezy porn star while married to one of the most beautiful women in the world. He pays the money to get rid of the negative publicity. It was, as the Americans say, chump change to him. The bookkeeping puts it down as campaign expenses. Hell, who looks at every tax return our accountants prepare?

If he is guilty of something, then so is damn near every person around the world who submits a tax return. Who doesn't give it a shot with creative accounting? At the very worst, he was guilty of not reading his tax return before submitting it. But I don't. Do you?  And he really did nothing wrong. Unless, of course, you are a vicious snake who wants Trump gone no matter what. 



Life has become so crazy that the old song about the hole in the bucket is now more prophetic than amusing.  The Democrats want Trump gone. So they have to find a way to rid themselves of this threat. 

He is a hole in their bucket of lies, deceit and corruption. People like Julian Assange are the leakers. Oh, we must get rid of them. 

Meanwhile, we are subjected to more government overbearance.  Silence free speech and patch up the leaks from the bucket that is politics today. Put some miracle glue on our media, our justice system and our so called media and Bob is your Uncle. No more Uncle Pete. No more commonsense. 

We have a hole in our bucket and Liza has turned into Karen. Henry has turned into some crazed leftist and we have no idea what our bucket holds, what it should hold or what it actually bloody delivers. 

We are being overwhelmed with bucketloads of misery, bucket loads of lies and bucket loads of Misinformation. 

Are we any different from President Trump? Are we not subjected to a merry go round of nonsense? For this is what this court case was and is. 

He was buggered from the get-go. 

Take this as a case in point. 

In order to access accounts online you need to have a mobile/cell phone. 

A code is sent to the said mobile/cell phone and that can free your world. Suddenly you are able to access such marvels as being able to sign up to new services. Or even access your own data.

But what if you don't own a mobile phone? What if you live in an area where service does not exist? What if you are an older person who has had their phone taken from them or restricted by " caring and responsible "  family members? 

Without Digital ID, do you become faceless and unable to function in mainstream society? No access to banking? No access to social media? 

Beware the Mark of the Beast. 

As you know, I am vehemently against all kinds of invasion of privacy. Who I am remains a secret - like the old dentist ads from the 80's when no one could see his face because, after all, he was a dentist. So he stood, with his back to us and proudly announced that he endorsed a certain toothpaste because, after all, he was a dentist above reproach. Like a Doctor........ 

Yet, today he would be a Doctor. And his face would be all over TV and he would be expounding the virtues of the Covid Vaccine. Or the Bird Flu Shot. Or the Shot for all Shots Shot. 

Recommended by Phamaceutical companies throughout the world. 

How times have changed, haven't they? Rob, poor bugger, no doubt wishes he had kept his back to the camera and stayed anonymous while spruiking for the clot shot on one hand and planning his property investment portfolio on the other. So many did so well out of their endorsements for the jab of death. 

However, let us leave Rob alone for the moment. 

We are about to be launched into a world of digital ID and keeping your face hidden will become a thing of the past. 

About 18 months ago Redhead signed up to get a mobile phone in order to solve this problem. Against her will, but for the greater good. Her SIM card arrived a few days later.

She needed to activate it. In order to activate it, she needed to sign into her account. 

Wait for it... with her mobile phone number.

We spent weeks trying to activate her new mobile.

I spoke with several " customer service " agents, as did Redhead. 

Apparently, it is very simple. All we had to do was get a code verification sent to her new mobile number. The only problem is that, in order to get that code, we needed to sign into the account. Oh wait... we need a mobile phone number. 

Which brings me to the hole in the bucket.


Oh, it is a funny old world, isn't it?

You see, it doesn't matter where you start, or what the leftists say. It doesn't matter if they declare that Climate Change is going to destroy the world. Or that Digital ID will protect our privacy. Or that E-Safety will enhance our privacy by us having to give out our private information. 

What a joke. 

The problem, as I see it, is that we have a hole in the bucket. 

They ( the left ) want us to fix a problem that, I might add, doesn't exist, by putting a bucket load of money into a well of greed. 

But, at the end of the day, the hole is in the bucket whereby it becomes a bottomless pit of dollars to fix a problem that never existed in the first place. In fact, they are the bastards who are creating a problem to fix a non existent problem by building a bucket that leaks more than a watering can with a rusty nozzle. 

If only we were allowed to get on with life, without Liza telling us to fix the problem, we could truly have a life worth living

Instead? We are told to, like Henry, fix it when we will just end up where we started.'

There is a hole in the bucket.

And it lies with the Karens, the Liza's and the politicians. 

We are the Henry's and we are caught up in a merry go round of demands that make no sense - unless, of course, you are a Liza.

The truth is that the hole in the bucket is that which was created by Liza and her mates. 

Before they came along, we had a bucket load of love; a bucket load of plenty and a bucket load of hope.

Now?  Now, we have a bucketload of misery, fear, and despair.

But, at the end of the day, we do need to fix it because, quite frankly, we have a hole in our bucket. 

And the hope and love are draining away far too quickly. 

By the way, we did finally activate Redhead's phone. We still can't access her account because her mobile phone number is not recognised as being associated with her account. Could we please contact customer support? 

A hundred or so calls later and all I can report is that our calls are important them, Redhead is a valued customer and she is 132nd in the queue. It reminds me of the episode of Dr Who when people were caught up in a traffic jam that lasted a million or zillion years. 

When Digital ID is introduced and the inevitable hackers arrive to do their bit, I am left wondering: Could they be any bloody worse than big business and the government? Will we be locked out, shut out of our own accounts and left floating in digital no man's land ... unable to access our funds, our own data and our own lives because we have been placed in a queue?  All the while told that our information is important to them... which it clearly is. 

In the meantime, some so-called Judge in New York has Trump convicted of trumped up charges and we are putting the world on hold because it is important that the powers that be get their ducks in a row and make sure he is stitched up good and proper. 

Personally, I think their bucket is empty, rusty and full of holes. But will anyone in America step up and demand a bigger and better bucket? 

Because we need a bigger bucket NOW. And it must be a better bigger bucket. This one is crap. And we all know it. 

 Are we any different to Trump? If you don't do as you are told, you will be cancelled, locked out and shut down. And put on hold. Or told that you cannot access your life because there has been an error or a code violation..............................................

 Thanks to Paddy, Old Bushie, PP, Crazy Cat, Philip and others for the inspiration. 



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