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"...one of Cate’s closest friends – a man she’d played rugby with – is the ex Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. “I knew I’d have to tell him,” she says, “because our friendship is one of the oldest, most continuous friendships of my life.”

"And what did Mr Abbott say? “I got the most loving response,” says Cate,  “He said, ‘Look, it changes nothing.’ Then he said, ‘What’s your preferred name now?’  

Tony Abbott is a good man. 

 This is a story about a friendship that has endured decades between a man with 3 daughters, faithfully married and best friends with a person now known as Cate. This is a story about a man who has a beloved sister who is gay.

A man who has volunteered to fight fires, save lives in the surf, commit himself to the service of Australia and is now labelled a misognist and brute by Main Stream Media.

I have not always been a fan of Tony Abbott. I did not like it when he threw Pauline Hanson to the wolves of Political Vultures. 

But I did like him when he stood up for Cate McGregor and I did like him when he stood up for his sister and I did like him when he stood up for our Sovereign Borders.

I did not like him when he did a bit of a Christian thing and he fell on his sword and allowed his enemies to destroy him and he stopped fighting back.

But I am always mindful of what he did right. Not what he did wrong. Let us be fair: who among us has got it right all of the time?

But Tony Abbott has gotten it right most of the time.

He is what, in the olden days, we used to call a Statesman. That was his problem. He was never a Politician.

Tony Abbott had and has a deep love of his country and fellow man and woman and fellow human.

He always tried to do what he thought was best.  For his Nation and for the common good. When Julia Gillard delivered her now famous misogyny speech, it was at a time of great turmoil in Australian Politics.  The Peter Slipper affair was front and centre - a man who betrayed his own party to side with the left in order to perhaps keep himself safe from the sexual misconduct claim levelled at him by another man.. who knows?

Julia Gillard came out fighting .  Destroy the opposition by deflection. Accuse Tony Abbott of misogyny and take the focus off the real problem. That she invited a questionable fellow  under investigation ( not that I feel that would be wrong, of course ) to be the Speaker of the House in order to destroy Tony Abbott and his Government was hardly cricket. But she did. And she slammed him and is still taking credit for a low 

Just because he was accused of sexually checking out a fellow employee is not at all what I am suggesting. Sending texts and other things? No. I would never suggest that. 

In fact, Ms Gillard used a man - not that I am suggesting he was a homosexual ( absolutely not ) who was elevated to Speaker in order to bring down an honourable man. Not of course that it was bad. Heaven forbid. 

Her speech is now famous and she basks in financial glory whilst Tony Abbott is pilloried for what he does, does not do or never did. Accordind to the MSM.

Lord Monkton said in 2015 



And Tony Abbott was removed.  

Lord Monkton said that the Paris Agreement could be the end of freedom and democracy and the Christian way of life worldwide. It is that serious.

He urged us to be very careful about signing things that we would bitterly regret.

Yet, sign it, Turnbull did and all the ghosts of the Turnbull era are still with us, every day and every month. 

The ghosts of Turnbull still hover and they still weave their magic under the guise of Conservative Government.

When our so called Conservative Government is weak, compliant and lacking in the will to do what Tony Abbott did, ( to defend Australia ) I must ask why?

Why is Morrison so weak? Why is he so compliant? Why is he allowing our country to be destroyed by fear? Why?

Could it be that people like Cate McGregor and Tony Abbott see the reality of the situation and our current Politicians merely say what the left wants them to say?

I have said it before and will say it again: Cate McGregor, is a fine and upstanding Australian who has a better understanding of Australia than damned near anybody in in Australia today.

I would be proud to have Cate as our Prime Minister.

If Tony Abbott supports Cate, then more power to him. If Tony Abbott supports his gay sister, well done. A woman hater he is not.

Tony Abbott was pilloried because he wouldn't play the game.  He would not kow tow to China, the NWO or any other bastard who wanted to intimidate him.

THAT was his crime.

He would not buy in to the BS that is happening right now.

Watch that video clip again. Then tell me, is Tony Abbott a bad guy or a fall guy.

Myself, as a Conservative Australian I would welcome Cate - can we get her here in Queensland to rescue us?

Cate, please move to Queensland and lead One Nation to our State.

God knows we need you.

But you probably won't be allowed to cross the border. 

Can you join a cricket team? Or a something team? PLEASE lead us Cate.

Cate McGregor, please be our Premier. One Nation . 

God Bless you. 


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