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Over the mounting decades of my life, I have seen many times of foul weather and many fair weather friends abandon ship at the first sign of a storm front. 

It is only when things are in their darkest hour that we see who is truly with us and who was only along for the ride.

President Trump is certainly in the midst of a hell of a storm and, as the winds reach hurricane force, he has seen so many jump ship and head to shore without so much as a wave goodbye.

I am utterly ashamed of Prime Minister Scott Morrison and so many others around the world right now. Their quick readiness to join the rats and scurry away is disgusting to witness. But, by God, we will never forget this treachery and lack of courage. We will never forget how these fair weather friends dumped him at the time he needs solidarity and strength of resolve.

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The one thing that I cannot get my head around in all of this is one question that they would be ashamed to answer.

What the hell has he done to deserve this abandonment? What? 

He never took a penny for his labour. Not a dollar. He never sought to profit from his time in office. He never sought to increase his wealth. All he has ever done is GIVE. He wanted to make America a better place; the world a better place and improve the plight of many disadvantaged within his own beloved America and throughout the world. 

It was NOT Trump who put children in cages. That was Obama. It was NOT Trump who entered office and profited.

  • Trump: $4.5 billion before running for president, $3 billion after.
  • Obama: $3 million before running for president, $40 million after.
  • Clinton: $480,000 before running for president, $100 million after.

President Trump saw the lowest unemployment rates in African Americans, Hispanic Americans and women in decades - if not in history. He has been nominated for Nobel Peace Prizes for bringing peace to the Middle East. 

He oversaw the increase in incomes among blue collar workers and saw American steel and oil and gas prosper. His 4 years saw manufacturing return to America.

And are we to believe that people turned their backs on him and voted for a guy who is a burbling nincompoop with a dubious background and a fascination with sniffing little girls? A man who boasts about having hairy legs? A man who will destroy manufacturing, destroy oil and energy self reliance, increase taxes and start sucking up to China, Iran and North Korea?


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President Trump has worked for his fellow American, not his fellow Politician. He has worked to restore American PRIDE, belief in hard work and belief in reward for effort. 

All while losing money for himself.

What the last week or so has shown me is that many people are basically feral wild dogs who hunt in packs. The minute that they smell vulnerability or weakness they leap to the side of the aggressor and will ravenously join in to kill the leader and wait with glee to tear his corpse apart.

All those turncoats, those Benedict Arnolds who cannot wait for him to be destroyed are savagely heading to Sleepy Joe's side and thinking that they want to stay on the winning side. Forgetting that the mangey old dog Joe Biden with his bitch Karmala will turn on them, given half a chance to bring the old pack leader down. Not only will they savage and gore Trump to death, they will take 70 million Americans with him.

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I watched a movie last night - an oldie but a goodie. Phenomenom with John Travolta and Robert Duvall. Robert Duvall's character in the movie gave a great speech.When John Travolta's character is being destroyed, he says

" What did he do to YOU? " He only ever tried to make your life better. "

If you have not seen the movie I urge you to watch it.

When I saw it last night, I cried when I saw this scene because all I could think of was Donald Trump and how he needs 70 million " Doc's " right now.

When all of the fair weathered friends like Morrison and Bolt and Fox News reflect on what they have done, I wonder how they will feel? Shame? Or just embarrassment that they were caught out.

It matters little who " wins " this election.

America and the world have been injured. These wounds will run deep, no matter what the outcome.

America, land of the brave and home of the free is fractured and our world fractured along with it.

We are now in for a wealth of pain, no matter the outcome. 

Divide and Conquer has never been more real than it is today.

Getting back to my analogy about the ship in the storm and the fair weathered friends, we have been witness to the Mutiny on the Bounty and the re running of the Crucifixion all rolled in to one.

As John Ruddick said, this election has turned Trump in to a martyr. 

And we all know how that ends.  





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